Landscape Design & Installation
We can build a patio or entryway that will welcome everyone.  We can build a retaining wall, planter beds and seat walls accommodate additional guests on a patio. We encourage our clients to actively participate in the design process. We want to know your favorite plants, style, and colors as well as dislikes. We can make a paradise come true with any budget.
 Lawn Mainteance 

We Service Commercial/Residential
The Landscape of your property is the dynamic element of your home.  Aronia Landscape will care for your property and maintain your investment like it's our own.  Our lawn maintenance is fast, but the only corners we cut are on the lawns we mow. 

   Weekly Lawn Maintenance  Includes:

*Weekly Mowing
*Edging Walks
*Line Trimming
*Blowing off all paved surfaces
We can create truly unique hardscapes and help you achieve the look you want.  We offer competitive prices with options geared to fit your needs.  We can work with any budget and make a paradise. 

Fire Pits
Grill Enclosures
Drainage Solutions

If you don’t have good drainage on your landscape, chances are, your outdoor living space isn’t going to be a success. There’s one factor that will decide if you have drainage issues: having something that hinders water from moving downhill. It’s really that simple.